Potomac Farms Metro District

Design Review Request Forms List

Street Address Project Type Project Details Project Status Use Restrictions Project Status Date Approval Expiration Date
10415 UVALDA STREETLandscaping - Backyard Design Changes Building a patio and installing sod. Concrete-Gray Approved - Unconditionalnone2019-04-30
10420 VAUGHN WAYFence Install 5 foot fence; tapered to height of fence at 10423 Victor St Approved - UnconditionalNone2017-07-07
10421 TUCSON STREETHouse - Solar Panels Installing solar panels on south facing roof side. Black/Glass Approved - Unconditionalnone2018-09-28
10421 TUCSON STREETDriveway Pavers to edges of driveway - previous home owner installed Approved - Unconditionalnone2020-09-28
10423 URSULA STREETHouse - Painting Exterior Paint- SW7037 Body-Balanced Beige, SW6385 Trim-Dover White, SW6082 Accent- Cobble Brown Approved - Unconditionalnone2018-05-08
10423 URSULA STREETFence Re-Staining Fence SW3563 Redwood Approved - Unconditionalnone2018-05-15
10423 URSULA STREETFence Restaining Fence. Sherwin Williams Stain: Redwood Approved - UnconditionalNone2018-05-08
10423 URSULA STREETHouse - Painting Exterior Paint. Sherwin Williams Paint. Body & Garage- Balanced Beige SW7037, Trim Dove White SW6385, Accent Cobble Brown SW6082 Approved - UnconditionalNone2018-05-08
10424 URSULA STREETHouse - Solar Panels Solar Panels- Black on Black Approved - Unconditionalnone2018-05-15
10426 WHEELING STREETHouse - Painting Color Scheme #19: Body-Pewter Green, Trim- Accessable Beige, Accent 1: Black fox Approved - Unconditionalnone2017-07-18
10429 VAUGHN WAYHouse - Painting Color Scheme # 8. Body: Jubilee, Trim: white, accent : smoky blue Approved - Unconditionalnone2020-07-17
10430 VAUGHN WAYLandscaping - Trees install one Crab Apple Tree and 2 flowering Pear Tree. Approved - Unconditionalnone2019-06-11
10430 VAUGHN WAYHouse - Roof Replace roof shingles : Owens Corning - Estate Gray Approved - Unconditionalnone2021-04-14
10430 VAUGHN WAYHouse - Painting Body: SW6207 Retreat, Trim :SW7572 Lotus Pod, Accent :SW6069 French Roast Approved - Unconditionalnone2018-10-09
10431 TUCSON STREETHouse - Shutters New shutters 1x4 wood and walnut stain Approved - Unconditionalnone2017-07-18
10435 WHEELING STREETOTHER PROJECTS Shade sail over backyard porch; red; 2 steel poles Approved - UnconditionalNone2021-07-21
10436 UVALDA STREETHouse - Shutters Replace broken shutters- Truwood 1x4x16 Primed trim board. Same color as broken shutters Approved with ConditionsNone2019-07-16
10436 UVALDA STREETLandscaping - Backyard Design Changes Xeroscaping of backyard Approved - Unconditionalnone2022-09-24
10437 VAUGHN STREETHouse - Painting Exterior paint and trim. Color Scheme 12 Body- SW6207, Trim-SW7572 and accent SW6069 Approved - Unconditionalnone2018-05-15
10438 VAUGHN STREETHouse - Painting Color Scheme 22: Body: SW7669 Cadet, Trim: SW7006 white, Accent: SW7585 Approved - Unconditionalnone2018-08-10
10439 WORCHESTER DRIVELandscaping - Front Yard Design Changes Landscape design Approved - Unconditionalnone2018-06-11
10442 TUCSON STREETHouse - Painting Paint exterior house. Body-Knitting Needles SW7672, Trim- Dover White SW6385, Accent- Gibraltar SW6257 Approved - Unconditionalnone2018-07-27
10442 TUCSON STREETDriveway Addition to existing driveway. Approval received by City inspector previosly tlked to comittee about improvement in person @ monthly meeting. Concrete to match driveway Approved - UnconditionalNone2022-04-27
10443 VICTOR STREETLandscaping - Front Yard Design Changes Replace mulch with rock Approved - Unconditionalnone2017-05-05
10444 URSULA STREETHouse - Painting Exterior Paint- SW7585 Body-Sundried Tomato, SW7036 Trim-Accessible Beige Approved - Unconditionalnone2017-05-05
10446 WHEELING STREETPatio concrete patio and concrete slab for shed Approved - Unconditionalnone2019-06-16
10446 WHEELING STREETDriveway 2 ft expansion and walkway to backyard Approved - Unconditionalnone2019-06-16
10446 WHEELING STREETHouse - Roof replace roof - Storm Grey Approved - Unconditionalnone2019-11-12
10448 VAUGHN STREETLandscaping - Backyard Design Changes Backyard landscape design - sod and river rock Approved - UnconditionalNone2005-03-30
10448 VAUGHN STREETHouse - Air Conditioning Equipment and Lines Small AC unit installed on the outside of the home for the garage. Has been there for over 7 years Approved with ConditionsCan remain until home is sold or it is in disrepair2021-09-22
10449 WORCHESTER DRIVEHouse - Solar Panels solar panels on roof Approved - Unconditionalnone2019-11-12
10454 URSULA STREETHouse - Painting Paint Exterior- #8 from paint book Approved - Unconditionalnone2018-03-13
10454 VICTOR STREETLandscaping - Trees Add ree to front side lawn. Red Maple Approved - Unconditionalnone2018-07-17
10454 VICTOR STREETHouse - Deck Install new deck in backyard, 18" off the ground. No dimensions listed Approved - Unconditionalnone2022-04-13
10454 VICTOR STREETLandscaping - Trees Plant tree in front side yard to help shade lawn and reduce watering needs for lawn. Acer Rubrum (Red Maple) Approved - UnconditionalNone2018-06-07
10456 UVALDA STREETHouse - Painting house repaint- Scheme#3 Body-SW6148, Trim- SW7633, Accent- SW6208 Approved - Unconditionalnone2017-09-25
10456 WHEELING STREETHouse - Roof replace roof shingles - estate grey Approved - Unconditionalnone2018-09-06
10457 VAUGHN STREETHouse - Windows replace 16 windows. White vinyl with grid patterns Approved - Unconditionalnone2019-02-13
10458 VAUGHN STREETHouse - Painting Exterior Paint - Scheme#6 SW7633 Body, SW7572 Trim, SW6062 Accent Approved - Unconditionalnone2018-09-07
10458 VAUGHN STREETShed 10ft x 10ft x 8ft tall; 2 windows; vertical siding Approved - UnconditionalNone2018-09-04
10458 VAUGHN STREETShed 10 x 10 x 8 shed, color to match home Approved - Unconditionalnone2018-09-04
10460 VAUGHN WAYHouse - Painting Body: SW6194 Basil, Trim: SW6140 Moderate White Approved - Unconditionalnone2021-10-28
10465 WHEELING STREETHouse - Painting House Exterior Painting- Sherwin Williams #22-our 1st choice is Sommelier as the Accent color. However both of our neihbors have similar. second choice is Mt Etna. Replace and paint all warapped/rotting trim. Approved - UnconditionalNone2022-04-24
10466 UVALDA STREETShed Build Shed in backyard- construct with 2x4 siding. Body- Natural Tan SW7567, Trim Tavern Taupe W7508 Approved with ConditionsNone2019-03-15
10466 UVALDA STREETHouse - Solar Panels Solar panels to roof Approved - Unconditionalnone2021-08-16
10467 VAUGHN STREETLandscaping - Trees Replace dead trees with 2 Chanticlear Pear Trees in front lawn Approved - Unconditionalnone2020-09-16
10467 VAUGHN STREETLandscaping - Trees Remove and replace tree in front yard - Chanticleer Pear Tree Approved - Unconditionalnone2018-07-17
10470 VAUGHN WAYHouse - Roof Replace roof wiith same shingles color- GAF charcoal Roof Approved - Unconditionalnone2018-09-14
10470 VAUGHN WAYHouse - Roof Replace roof, Charcoal coloring Approved - Unconditionalnone2018-09-06
10471 TUCSON STREETHouse - Solar Panels Roof mounted photovoltaaic power system Approved - Unconditionalnone2018-03-18
10472 TUCSON STREETFence Replace current side fence with Shadowbox style fence 5 ft tall, pickets 1in x 4 in x 4 ft western red cedar dog-ear Approved - Unconditionalnone2017-07-18
10472 TUCSON STREETHouse - Painting Paint exterior SW7050 Gray, SW6385 Dover White Approved - Unconditionalnone2020-09-16
10473 VICTOR STREETShed Plastic Grey Shed Approved with Conditionsnot listed on form2021-05-15
10476 WHEELING STREETHouse - Painting Color Scheme #22 - Summit Gray, Rhinestone and Mt. Etna Approved - Unconditionalnone2018-01-16
10476 WHEELING STREETHouse - Deck Repaint deck - white Approved - Unconditionalnone2019-03-28
10476 WHEELING STREETHouse - Deck Replace wood with Trex wood Approved - Unconditionalnone2021-03-22
10478 VAUGHN STREETHouse - Painting Exterior painting of home and shed. Scheme#32 Body-SW6102, Trim-SW7511, Accent- SW7020 Approved - Unconditionalnone2019-08-13
10479 VAUGHN WAYHouse - Windows Replace widows. White with grids Approved - Unconditionalnone2021-09-08
10479 VAUGHN WAYHouse - Windows Replace windows - same style, grid pattern and color as original Approved - Unconditionalnone2021-06-13
10480 WORCHESTER DRIVESports Equipment/Courts Basket ball court Approved with ConditionsRequired letter of approval from neighbors2018-08-28
10480 WORCHESTER DRIVESports Equipment/Courts Concrete slab for basketball court. basketball hoop. Xeriscape area & trees. Approved with ConditionsKeep noisedown and only use basketball court appropriately. Agree to construction guidelines and will use contractor who is ale to follow plan in accordane to HOA approval2018-08-28
10487 VAUGHN STREETHouse - Painting Color scheme 27 Approved - Unconditionalnone2019-08-21
10489 VAUGHN WAYHouse - Painting paint house body- bungle house blue, trim- lemon meringue, and accent - polar bear sherwin williams A100 paint Approved - Unconditionalnone2022-03-17
10491 TUCSON STREETHouse - Painting Color Scheme 34 Approved - UnconditionalNone2017-07-18
10494 VICTOR STREETHouse - Painting Body: PPG Gibralter Gray, Trim: PPG Silver Feather Approved - Unconditionalnone2017-07-18
10494 VICTOR STREETHouse - Windows Install 2 new windows for bathrooms - not grid pattern Approved - Unconditionalnone2021-09-01
10495 Wheeling StreetLandscaping - Trees 2 Linden trees in middle of backyard ApprovedNone2021-07-16
10495 WHEELING STREETHouse - Painting Color Scheme 22. Body: Grey, Trim: white, Accent: blue Approved - Unconditionalnone2021-06-25
10495 WHEELING STREETHouse - Painting Color Scheme 22 Body: Grey, Trim: White, Accent: Blue Approved - Unconditionalnone2021-06-25
10502 TUCSON STREETPatio Add patio wall 2x6 posts plywood spaces Approved - Unconditionalnone2018-07-09
10503 URSULA STREETLandscaping - Front Yard Design Changes Front Yard Landscaping- convert 65 feet of grass into rock. Rock will be gray and black Mountain Granite Approved - Unconditionalnone2021-04-14
10504 VICTOR STREETHouse - Painting Color scheme 40 - body: Functional Grey, Trim: Extra White Approved - Unconditionalnone2018-05-15
10506 WHEELING STREETHouse - Solar Panels solar panels on roof Approved - Unconditionalnone2019-11-12
10507 VAUGHN STREETPatio stamped concrete patio and walkway Approved - Unconditionalnone2019-04-30
10509 VAUGHN WAYLandscaping - Artificial Turf turf installed in area of backyard Approved - Unconditionalnone2021-09-01
10509 WORCHESTER DRIVELandscaping - Backyard Design Changes install saod and flagstone patio area Approved - Unconditionalnone2018-09-19
10511 TUCSON STREETHouse - Painting Exterior Painting SW7039 Body-Virtual Taupe, SW7036 Trim-Accessible Beige, SW6055 Accent- Fiery Beige, SW6244 Accent- 6244 Approved - Unconditionalnone2018-07-17
10513 URSULA STREETHouse - Addition/Expansion Addition of Sunroom to back of the house Approved with ConditionsCity permit needed. Colors to match home.2021-02-18
10517 VAUGHN STREETHouse - Solar Panels solar panels on roof Approved - Unconditionalnone2019-06-11
10524 URSULA STREETHouse - Solar Panels 16 solar panels on roof Approved - UnconditionalNone2021-07-29
10524 URSULA STREETHouse - Radon System Radon Mitigation System- Blue-Gray to match house Approved - Unconditionalnone2022-01-12
10525 WHEELING STREETHouse - Painting Paint: Body - SW7669 Summit Gray, Accent - xxx, Trim - SW7656 Rhinestone Approved - Unconditionalnone2018-05-15
10527 VAUGHN STREETHouse - Solar Panels solar panels on roof Approved - Unconditionalnone2019-04-30
10530 VAUGHN WAYShed Paint shed to match house color Approved - Unconditionalnone2019-08-05
10530 VAUGHN WAYShed Paint existing shed Scheme #31 to match house Approved - UnconditionalNone2018-08-05
10530 WORCHESTER DRIVELandscaping - Front Yard Design Changes Install front yard landscaping Approved - Unconditionalnone2014-09-22
10530 WORCHESTER DRIVEHouse - Siding Replace siding. Color scheme 31. Body: Nantucket Pewter, Trim: Heritage Linen, Accent: Urban Approved - Unconditionalnone2018-08-31
10530 WORCHESTER DRIVEHouse - Siding Replace siding. Colors: Body - Urban Iron, Trim - Monterey Almond, Accent - Liberty White Approved - Unconditionalnone2018-11-13
10538 WORCHESTER STREETShed Exception to placement of the shed in the backyard. Approved - Unconditionalnone2021-06-20
10539 VAUGHN WAYHouse - Exterior Attachments Installation of Sun sails over the back orch Approved - Unconditionalnone2021-06-21
10541 VAUGHN COURTHouse - Exterior Doors / Storm Doors Replace front door, Dark brown with windows at top Approved - Unconditionalnone2021-10-18
10543 VICTOR STREETHouse - Painting Color Scheme 12- Body: SW6207 Retreat, Trim : SW7572 Lotus Pod, Accent : SW6069 French Roast Approved - Unconditionalnone2019-03-12
10547 VAUGHN STREETHouse - Exterior Doors / Storm Doors Replace door with oval glass cut out Approved - Unconditionalnone2017-05-06
10551 VAUGHN COURTHouse - Painting House painting- Body- voire SW6127, Trim-Summer White SW7557, Accent-Black fox SW7020 Approved - Unconditionalnone2017-05-05
10553 VICTOR STREETHouse - Painting Body: Sw7017 Dorian Gray, Trim SW7671 On the Rocks, Accent: SW7604 Smokey Blue or SW2801 Rookwood Dark Red Approved - Unconditionalnone2021-10-23
10555 WHEELING STREETHouse - Solar Panels solar panels to roof Approved - Unconditionalnone2021-03-23
10558 WORCHESTER STREETShed Shed in backyard - built by previous owners Approved - Unconditionalnone2021-06-23
10563 VICTOR STREETHouse - Painting Color scheme 8: Body : Jubilee SW 6248, Trim : Extra White, Accent : Smokey Blue SW7604, Accent 2 : Somomelier SW7595 Approved - Unconditionalnone2021-06-26
10564 VICTOR STREETHouse - Painting Body: SW7567 Natural Tan, Trim : SW7508 Tavern Taupe, Accent: SW6062 Rugged Brown Approved - Unconditionalnone2018-10-21
10565 WHEELING STREETHouse - Front Porch Painting or staining of deck and stairs must be option (SW7595) or Trim 1 (SW7006) in color scheme #8 Approved with ConditionsNone2017-07-13
10565 WHEELING STREETHouse - Front Porch Planning to paint front porch. Sherwin Williams Deck and Dock White Iris. Scheme 8 Body Jubille, Trim Extra White, Accent Smokey Blue. Contractor Vivax Pros Approved with ConditionsDeck & stairs must be option 2 (SW7595) or Trim (SW7006) in color Scheme #82017-07-03
10566 WHEELING STREETHouse - Painting Paint: Body - SW6207 Retreat, Trim - SW7572 Lotus Pod, Accent - SW6069 French Roast Approved - Unconditionalnone2018-03-13
10567 VAUGHN STREETFence Increase height on north side fence to 5 feet Approved with ConditionsEasement agreement with metro district on maintenance of fence2019-04-30
10569 WORCHESTER DRIVEHouse - Windows Replace windows Approved - Unconditionalnone2017-12-05
10571 VAUGHN COURTHouse - Roof Roof replacement documentation. charcoal shingles Approved - Unconditionalnone2022-04-26
10574 VICTOR STREETHouse - Painting Color scheme from HOA book: Body: Summit Gray, Trim: Rhinestone Approved - Unconditionalnone2018-05-15
10578 WORCHESTER STREETHouse - Air Conditioning Equipment and Lines Exterior AC unit installed by previous owner. On 2nd level of home Approved with ConditionsMust be removed at the time of selling the home or in disrepair2021-09-23
10580 WORCHESTER DRIVEFence staing fence - Cedar, semi transparent stain Approved - Unconditionalnone2021-08-26
10582 VAUGHN COURTHouse - Painting Painting House Scheme #8 Body- Smokey Blue SW7604, Trim- Extra White SW7006, Accent - Jubilee SW6248 Approved - Unconditionalnone2018-05-13
10582 VAUGHN COURTHouse - Shutters Shutters- painted accent color SW6248 Jubilee Approved - UnconditionalNone2018-05-15
10582 XANADU STREETFence backyard fence and wing fence replacement Approved - Unconditionalnone2017-05-25
10586 WHEELING STREETHouse - Painting House Paint - body: Accessable Beige, Trim:Trutis Coffee Approved - Unconditionalnone2018-05-15
10586 WHEELING STREETHouse - Solar Panels solar panels on roof Approved - Unconditionalnone2019-07-26
10589 VAUGHN WAYHouse - Painting Paint: Dorian Gray with white trim and accent Approved with ConditionsIron Ore accent color not approved - needs to choose a different accent color and resubmit2018-04-24
10589 VAUGHN WAYLandscaping - Front Yard Design Changes Zeroscaping plan for front tree lawn area. Approved - Unconditionalnone2021-10-27
10591 VAUGHN COURTHouse - Exterior Doors / Storm Doors Replace Front Door - Color Scheme #42 Approved - Unconditionalnone2017-10-23
10591 XANADU STREETHouse - Painting Color scheme 20: Body: Ivoire, Trim: Summer White Approved - Unconditionalnone2019-09-23
10592 VAUGHN COURTHouse - Painting Paint Scheme #47\ Approved - Unconditionalnone2017-12-05
10597 WORCHESTER STREETHouse - Painting Color Scheme #22 Approved - Unconditionalnone2018-05-15
10597 WORCHESTER STREETShed Shed 8 x 10 x 10. Astro turf and red mulch Approved with Conditionsmust follow easement guidelines for shed. Astro turf cannot be carpet like.2018-05-15
10597 WORCHESTER STREETHouse - Exterior Attachments Sun Sails installed by previous owner. Color matches home. Approved - Unconditionalnone2021-10-23
10599 VAUGHN WAYHouse - Painting Color Scheme #38 - Body: Eclips, Trim: Accessible Beige, Accent: Best Bronze Approved - Unconditionalnone2019-05-25
10599 WORCHESTER DRIVELandscaping - Front Yard Design Changes Rock side yard Approved - Unconditionalnone2020-08-13
10607 WORCHESTER STREETHouse - Front Porch Add steel handrail around porch Approved - Unconditionalnone2017-05-05
10607 WORCHESTER STREETPatio Concrete patio and sidewalk Approved - Unconditionalnone2018-05-15
10607 WORCHESTER STREETHouse - Exterior Attachments 2 gray sunsails installed in backyard Approved - Unconditionalnone2022-03-27
10607 WORCHESTER STREETOTHER PROJECTS Fire pit - made of cement and stucco. Color to match home. Approved - Unconditionalnone2021-10-10
10616 WHEELING STREETShed Shed installed previously. It does not match the home or roof. Approved - Unconditionalnone2021-10-11
10617 WORCHESTER STREETLandscaping - Backyard Design Changes Add walkway from front to back and cement pad next to home Approved - Unconditionalnone2021-05-25
10622 Xanadu StreetHouse - Siding Fiber cement siding. ApprovedNone2021-07-29
10622 XANADU STREETLandscaping - Trees Greenspire Linden Tree planted Approved - Unconditionalnone2018-07-18
10622 XANADU STREETLandscaping - Trees planting 2 Cleveland Flowering Pear Trees in backyard Approved - Unconditionalnone2019-06-27
10626 WHEELING STREETShed Shed in backyard matching home color Approved with Conditionsroof must be shingles, not steel2019-11-01
10650 WORCHESTER DRIVELandscaping - Front Yard Design Changes Remove xeroscaping in front and back yard. Add sod, trees and flowers Approved - Unconditionalnone2019-06-11
10658 WORCHESTER STREETShed tuff shed- wood siding light yellow and white trim to match the house. Approved - Unconditionalnone2022-02-09
10661 XANADU STREETLandscaping - Front Yard Design Changes Plant Ornamental Grasses to front yard Approved - Unconditionalnone2017-05-05
10668 WORCHESTER STREETHouse - Addition/Expansion Covered Patio Approved with ConditionsMust get permit from city. Stone to match home.2021-09-01
10676 WHEELING STREETHouse - Solar Panels solor panels Approved - Unconditionalnone2017-05-05
10686 WHEELING STREETHouse - Solar Panels Solor panels on roof Approved - Unconditionalnone2018-07-16
10686 WHEELING STREETDriveway Expand driveway 2 feet, add walkway to the back and concrete slab for shed Approved - Unconditionalnone2019-06-16
10697 WORCHESTER STREETShed Shed installed by previous owners, colors match home Approved - Unconditionalnone2021-10-04
10708 WHEELING DRIVEHouse - Solar Panels Solar panels on roof Approved - Unconditionalnone2018-01-16
10708 WHEELING DRIVEShed 10 x 8 shed Approved with ConditionsNone2017-03-13
10708 WHEELING DRIVELandscaping - Backyard Design Changes Concrete patio and walkways, garden bed, bushes and sod. Approved - Unconditionalnone2021-05-17
10708 WHEELING DRIVEShed Relocate shed to new location near home Approved - Unconditionalnone2021-06-24
10708 WHEELING DRIVEShed Move shed closer to house Approved - Unconditionalnone2021-06-23
10708 WHEELING DRIVEHouse - Radon System Install radon mitigation system Approved - Unconditionalnone2021-10-05
10716 WHEELING STREETHouse - Roof replace roof, gutters and downspouts, color: estate gray Approved - Unconditionalnone2019-11-12
10717 WHEELING DRIVEHouse - Painting Scheme 45 - SW7637 Oyster White; SW6076 Turkish Coffee; SW7633 Taupe Tone Approved - UnconditionalNone2021-07-12
10717 WHEELING DRIVEHouse - Air Conditioning Equipment and Lines relocate air conditioner to new location in back yard Approved - Unconditionalnone2019-04-01
10717 WHEELING DRIVEHouse - Painting Color scheme 36: Body: SW6173 Cacoon, Trim: SW7037 Balanced Beige, Accent: SW7020 Terra Brown Approved - Unconditionalnone2019-04-04
10720 WORCHESTER WAYPatio Stamped Concrete Patio Approved - Unconditionalnone2017-07-18
10721 XANADU STREETPergola Add Privacy fence on ends of pergola. Approved with Conditionsprivacy fence stain must match pergola2021-07-30
10722 XANADU STREETFence Trash Screen Approved with ConditionsNone2021-11-05
10722 XANADU STREETLandscaping - Front Yard Design Changes Grandfathered - Landscape design. rock beds, small wall, etc Approved - Unconditionalnone2021-09-22
10727 WHEELING DRIVEHouse - Deck Deck in backyard, Timber Tech composite decking Approved - Unconditionalnone2021-06-03
10728 WHEELING DRIVEShed 8 X 10 shed Approved - Unconditionalnone2017-07-18
10729 WORCHESTER WAYHouse - Solar Panels Solar Panels on roof Approved - Unconditionalnone2018-05-18
10730 WORCHESTER WAYHouse - Solar Panels Solar panels on roof Approved - Unconditionalnone2019-11-08
10739 WORCHESTER WAYLandscaping - Backyard Design Changes replace gravel walk ways with concrete slab and slab for trash cans Approved - Unconditionalnone2020-08-16
10740 WORCHESTER WAYHouse - Solar Panels Solar Panels Approved - Unconditionalnone2018-03-13
10742 XANADU STREETShed 12 x8 x8 shed , painted to match home Approved - Unconditionalnone2017-07-18
10746 WHEELING STREETHouse - Garage Doors Paint the garage door to match house body color. Approved - Unconditionalnone2019-03-22
10749 WORCHESTER WAYHouse - Solar Panels solar panels on roof Approved - Unconditionalnone2018-03-18
10750 WORCHESTER WAYHouse - Siding Change siding style from Dutchlap to Straight Lap. Color : Evening Shadow Approved - Unconditionalnone2018-05-25
10751 XANADU STREETHouse - Roof New roof - Shingles - Painted Desert Approved - Unconditionalnone2017-07-18
10752 XANADU STREETLandscaping - Backyard Design Changes Install backyard grass, bushes, rocks, flower beds Approved - Unconditionalnone2017-07-18
10756 WHEELING STREETLandscaping - Trees Replacing tree in front yard Approved - Unconditionalnone2019-05-22
10759 WORCHESTER WAYPatio Concrete patio extension and walkway Approved - Unconditionalnone2020-07-23
10760 WORCHESTER WAYDriveway Extending the driveway and adding a sidewalk to the back Approved - Unconditionalnone2021-08-04
10761 XANADU STREETHouse - Painting Body: Knitting Needles, Trim: Dover White, Accent : Gibralter Approved - UnconditionalNone2022-04-22
10768 WHEELING DRIVEFence Install 6 foot cedar fence Approved - Unconditionalnone2017-12-05
10770 WORCHESTER WAYPatio Concrete Patio in backyard Approved - Unconditionalnone2017-05-27
10772 XANADU STREETPatio Expand Patio and walk ways on both side of the house. Rock the rest of the backyard with some trees and bushes in the rock. Approved - Unconditionalnone2019-03-12
10772 XANADU STREETLandscaping - Trees replace tree in front yard, Red Maple Approved - Unconditionalnone2019-07-16
10779 WORCHESTER WAYHouse - Radon System Painting radon pipe to match home : SW 7039 Virtual Taupe Approved - Unconditionalradon pipe must be moved behind the wing fence and painted to match house color2021-08-11
10780 WORCHESTER WAYShed 8 x 8 shed painted to match home Approved - Unconditionalnone2017-05-06
10781 XANADU STREETFence Privacy screen in front of main fence on side of house 4X5 ft Approved with ConditionsNone2021-10-04
10787 WHEELING DRIVELandscaping - Front Yard Design Changes Rock the side yard and several parts of the backyard Approved - Unconditionalnone2019-04-30
10789 WORCHESTER WAYLandscaping - Backyard Design Changes replace grass with concrete and river rock Approved - Unconditionalnone2018-09-29
10789 WORCHESTER WAYShed 10 x 10 storage shed. Approved - Unconditionalnone2021-05-07
10792 XANADU STREETHouse - Garage Doors Replace garage door Approved - Unconditionalnone2018-07-11
10796 WHEELING STREETLandscaping - Backyard Design Changes backyard landscaping Approved - Unconditionalnone2018-09-14
10796 WHEELING STREETLandscaping - Trees replace trees in front yard Approved - Unconditionalnone2019-07-16
10796 WHEELING STREETLandscaping - Front Yard Design Changes Excavation of existing paver patio and walkway, sprinkler retro, edging, sod, rock, seatwall, landscape lighting, plant maerial, dog run, and turf install. Approved - UnconditionalNone2018-09-14
12930 E. 104TH DRIVEHouse - Windows replace windows - no grids Approved - Unconditionalnone2021-06-13
12950 E. 104TH DRIVEHouse - Solar Panels Black 6.40KW Grid tied, Flush mounted PV Solar Approved with ConditionsNone2021-03-22
12950 E. 104TH DRIVEHouse - Solar Panels 6.40kW Grid Tied, Flush Mounted PV Solar Installation Approved with Conditions2.80 of the Architectural Design Guideline that “the conduit running down the side of the house [will] be painted the same color as the body of the house.2021-02-03
13192 E. 104TH DRIVEHouse - Painting Paint scheme %2322 with option %231 Approved - UnconditionalNone2017-12-19
13192 E. 104TH DRIVEHouse - Painting Paint - #22/ Option 1 Approved - UnconditionalNone2017-12-19
13192 E. 104TH DRIVEHouse - Painting Paint house Scheme #22 Option 1 Approved - UnconditionalNone2017-12-19
13224 E. 104TH DRIVEHouse - Painting Scheme %231 Body-Stone Lion- SW7507, Trim- Virtual Taupe SW7039, Accent- NavalSW6244 Approved - UnconditionalNone2018-09-03
13234 E. 104TH DRIVEDriveway Pour new sidewalk from driveway to side of house, also concrete patio in back of house. concrete color will be grey and stamped to match house Approved - Unconditionalnone2017-06-29
13254 E. 104TH DRIVEHouse - Solar Panels Solar PV system Black 295-watt quell panel Approved - Unconditionalnone2018-05-15
13254 E. 104TH DRIVEHouse - Deck deck in backyard- Natural/cedar Approved - Unconditionalnone2021-01-12
13310 E. 106TH PLACELandscaping - Front Yard Design Changes Renovate area between sidewalk and street. Including removing weeds/grass, weed barrier, tilling dirt, adding compost and sod Approved - UnconditionalNone2018-08-30
13310 E. 106TH PLACEFence Install 6 ft x9 ft 5 inch wing including a 5 ft gate on west side of house Wing to be set back 5 ft from end of porch Approved - Unconditionalnone2018-09-28
13326 E. 104TH DRIVEHouse - Exterior Materials Re-route exposed AC line through Eave as requested by HOA. New compressor install. Beige A/C line cover Approved - Unconditionalnone2019-05-30
13326 E. 104TH DRIVEHouse - Air Conditioning Equipment and Lines Re-Route exposed AC line through eaves. Beige A/C line cover Approved - Unconditionalnone2019-05-16
13326 E. 104TH DRIVEHouse - Painting Color scheme 8 - Body: SW6248 Jubilee, Trim: SW7006, Accent: SW7604 Smoky Blue Approved - Unconditionalnone2021-06-21
13330 E. 106TH PLACEHouse - Solar Panels 8.00kw Grid Tied, Flush mounted, PV solar installation Black Approved with ConditionsNone2021-03-22
13341 E. 106TH AVEHouse - Painting painting of exterior no color change Approved - UnconditionalNone2018-05-15
13341 E. 106TH AVEHouse - Painting Color scheme 22: Body: SW7669 Summit Gray, Trim: SW7656 Rhinestone Approved - Unconditionalnone2022-04-05
13350 E. 106TH PLACEHouse - Solar Panels solar panel installation- Black, monocrystalline PV modules Approved with ConditionsNone2021-04-06
13366 E. 104TH DRIVEHouse - Painting paint house- sundried tomato W7585, trim- Acessible Beige SW7036. color scheme %2349 Approved - Unconditionalnone2017-07-18
13370 E. 106TH PLACEHouse - Solar Panels solar panels Approved with ConditionsNone2015-05-09
13370 E. 106TH PLACEShed Adding a professionally installed Tuff Shed with colors that match the house. Approved with ConditionsNone2018-07-05
13370 E. 106TH PLACEHouse - Solar Panels Solar added to roof Approved with ConditionsCommere City Permit must be submitted prior to install. Panels should be similar in color to roof color. Panels must be installed with the slope of the roof2015-05-06
13381 E. 106TH AVEHouse - Painting Paint House Approved with ConditionsApprove color scheme 30. Front door can be painted the either the base color or trim color.2022-04-16
13474 E. 107TH AVENUEHouse - Exterior Doors / Storm Doors Adding Storm Door- Anderson 4000 Series full glass door 36" by 96" colors to match house Approved - UnconditionalNone2020-09-16
13474 E. 107TH AVENUEShed Tuff shed for storage Approved - Unconditionalnone2020-07-30
13545 E. 107TH PLACEFence Wing Fence on East and West side of house to close off backyard Approved - Unconditionalnone2018-08-28
13552 E. 105TH DRIVEFence staining front fence wings with Thompsons waterseal, semi-transparent wood stain- Desert Brown color Approved - Unconditionalnone2018-08-31
13555 E. 107TH PLACEHouse - Painting Exterior paint Scheme %23 17 SW Body-Functional Gray 7024, Trim- Accessibe Gray 7036, Accent - Cyberspace 7076 Approved - Unconditionalnone2021-04-04
13564 E. 107TH AVENUEShed shed- naval/ natural tan and wood Approved - Unconditionalnone2019-03-29
13574 E. 107TH AVENUEHouse - Exterior Attachments Platic gutter covring AC line painted to match home trim and gutters Approved - Unconditionalnone2021-07-21
13583 E. 106TH PLACELandscaping - Front Yard Design Changes requesting the lawn tree be removed. Small Stones, Pavers added Approved - UnconditionalNone2019-04-30
13583 E. 106TH PLACELandscaping - Trees Planting the required tree- skyline Honeylocust Approved - UnconditionalNone2019-03-27
13592 E. 105TH DRIVEHouse - Deck Hottub deck backyard. Grey,natural wood brown and green to match house Approved - Unconditionalnone2019-07-16
13592 E. 105TH DRIVEShed small storage box- below fence line same color as house(lightgreen) shingles same color as house(slate) Approved with ConditionsNone2018-12-21
13592 E. 105TH DRIVEPergola roofing on top of pergola- matching grey singles, plywood and roofing felt Approved - Unconditionalnone2018-11-29
13592 E. 105TH DRIVEPergola Rofing on top of pergola. Matching gray shingles. Plywood & roofing felt. Approved - UnconditionalNone2018-11-14
13593 E. 106TH PLACELandscaping - Trees Replace front tree- Tatarian Maple Approved - UnconditionalNone2021-04-14
13593 E. 106TH PLACELandscaping - Trees replace tree - Tatarian Maple Approved - Unconditionalnone2021-06-03
13624 E. 107TH AVENUEHouse - Radon System Paint Radon pipe to match home Approved - Unconditionalnone2021-04-02
13684 E. 107TH AVENUEHouse - Solar Panels Solar panels on roof Approved - Unconditionalnone2022-03-17
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