Platte River Ranch Metro District

Design Review Request Forms List

Street Address Project Type Project Details Project Status Use Restrictions Project Status Date Approval Expiration Date
1050 Quail CirLandscaping - Front Yard Design Changes We would be removing the rock in our front yard and replacing it with a mixed color mulch of red and brown and a couple of flower beds inside the mulch area. Approved - UnconditionalNone2022-04-27
1062 Quail CirLandscaping - Yard Decorations Planters front and back made of stone. Back 2x14x2. Front 2x12x5 Approved - UnconditionalNone2018-05-11
1062 Quail CirHouse - Roof Roof and roof vents to be replaced because of hail damage. Color match the same as existing. Approved - UnconditionalNone2018-09-06
1062 Quail CirShed Add a 6x10x6 shed to the south side. Sundance series MR-450 Colors Delicate white and summer breeze (house colors) Approved - UnconditionalNone2018-06-12
1062 Quail CirDriveway Fix dropped front step only. Work will be completed by the home owner using current step for dimensions, location, etc. Work will be completed with the planters and rear deck. all to be completed by summers end. Approved - UnconditionalNone2018-06-12
1064 Mockingbird StHouse - Painting Paint exterior of our house siding color - monorail silver, trim color dover white, accent color navy. Approved - UnconditionalNone2018-10-27
1064 Mockingbird StHouse - Painting Paint the exterior of our house. Siding color - monorail silver, trim color - dover white, accent color - navy Approved - UnconditionalNone2018-10-27
1081 Quail CirOTHER PROJECTS Mailbox replace stand with similar wood as neighbors. Called and had xcal locators come with flags. Approved - UnconditionalNone2021-05-15
1093 Quail CirHouse - Painting Paint house with following colors: Toasted almond for main body, Colonial White for all trim ad shutters, Sealskin for accents (garage, front door, area with big window, triangle area above porch. Approved - UnconditionalNone2018-07-11
1093 Quail CirHouse - Exterior Lights Exterior lighting changed to reflect new paint colors Approved - UnconditionalNone2018-07-11
1097 Mockingbird StOTHER PROJECTS Mailbox Approved - UnconditionalNone2020-07-28
1100 Bluebird StShed Shed put in 9 years ago. Approved - Unconditional12/01/19912019-06-24
1104 Sandpiper LnHouse - Roof Replace roof w/same shingle color. GAF Timberline Estate Gray. Approved - UnconditionalNone2018-09-10
1109 Mockingbird StHouse - Roof Remove and replace shingles with same color weatherwood wood - GAF Timberline Armorshield II - Lifetime impact resistant. Remove and replace gutteres and downspouts with same color. Approved - UnconditionalNone2018-06-27
1112 Sandpiper LnPatio 10ft x 26ft concrete backyard patio running along back of house Approved - UnconditionalNone2020-05-05
1114 Cardinal CirHouse - Windows 2 Double hung windows front of house; 2 picture windows back of house; 2 double-hung windows back of house; white vinyl sliding glass door back of house Approved - UnconditionalNone2020-04-23
1123 Sandpiper LnHot Tub Brown/grey 7-person CalSpa hottub; 84in w x 84in long x 40in tall; 450 gallon capacity Approved - UnconditionalNone2020-07-11
1138 Lark LnHouse - Painting Body = Steely Gray SW7664; Trim = Extra White SW 7006; Accent = Gale Force SW7605 Approved - UnconditionalNone2017-05-11
1138 Lark LnHouse - Roof Timberline ArmoorShield - Weathered Wood color Approved - UnconditionalNone2018-07-12
1139 Mockingbird StHouse - Roof R also replacing gutters at the same time. Roof will be charcoal gray and gutters will be the as existing.eplacing roof de to hailstorm. Approved - UnconditionalNone2018-07-10
1143 Sandpiper LnShed SE corner of backyard; 8.5ft tall x 11ft 9in long x 8ft wide; vertical siding; shingled roof Approved - UnconditionalNone2020-11-18
1149 Mockingbird StHouse - Roof New roof . No change of color. Replacement Approved - UnconditionalNone2018-09-27
1169 Mockingbird StHouse - Roof Replace roof and gutters due to hail damage Approved - UnconditionalNone2018-09-20
1170 Mockingbird StHouse - Roof Replace shingles on roof due to hail damage Approved - UnconditionalNone2018-08-03
1182 Sandpiper LnLandscaping - Backyard Design Changes 4" thick concrete slab to extend driveway on east side of lot and up to the backyard fence existing sod and rock. Approved - UnconditionalNone2020-06-15
1188 Lark LnHouse - Roof Architectural shingles - weatherwood color Approved - UnconditionalNone2018-07-12
1190 Mockingbird StHouse - Roof Roof replacement due to hail damage. Shingles color (driftwood). The roof shape/design will be the same as it is now. Approved - UnconditionalNone2018-08-21
1205 Bluebird StLandscaping - Front Yard Design Changes 40% complete replacement sod. 60% needs repair remove dead grass and overseed. Approved - Unconditional05/18/20212021-05-18
1212 Magpie AveHouse - Roof Owens Corning shingles - Driftwood color Approved - UnconditionalNone2019-07-10
1222 Magpie AveHouse - Roof IRO Cambridge weatherwood shingles; entire roof replacement Approved - UnconditionalNone2018-09-20
1222 Magpie AveDriveway Concrete extension on east side of driveway (11ft 6in wide x 36ft long); 3ft wide concrete extension on west side of driveway; 10ftwide x 19ft long patio extension in front of house Approved - UnconditionalNone2018-07-12
1224 Bluebird StShed Plastic shed on north side of house by wing fence; 7ft tall Approved - UnconditionalNone2021-03-11
1234 Bluebird StShed 7.6ft x 7.6ft plastic shed; tan; window above doors Approved - UnconditionalNone2020-07-15
1241 Osprey StHouse - Roof Replace roof Approved - UnconditionalNone2018-09-12
1288 Lark AveHouse - Exterior Doors / Storm Doors Sliding glass door - white vinyl - back of house Approved - UnconditionalNone2020-09-17
1306 Waxwing AveShed Shed will be build by Tuff Shed of Teds Shed. Size will be 8x12 or 10x10. Painted to match house Shingles will be same as house. Approved with ConditionsHeight now to exceed 8'2018-10-09
1404 Swan AveHouse - Siding Replace several peices of vinyl siding due to hail damage DeniedSiding must be fully replaced on each damaged side. Individual pieces may not be substituted.2018-06-29
1434 Goldeneye LnLandscaping - Yard Decorations Raised flower bed, cedar wood construction. Approved - UnconditionalNone2021-09-17
1434 Goldeneye LnLandscaping - Front Yard Design Changes Rock bed cleanup expansion Approved - UnconditionalNone2021-09-17
1434 Goldeneye LnPatio Patio Expansion, concrete Approved - UnconditionalNone2021-09-17
1463 Swan AveDriveway Addimg a driveway extension Approved - UnconditionalNone2017-11-10
981 Quail CirHouse - Roof Onyx Black Ownes Corning shingles Approved - UnconditionalNone2020-10-08
981 Quail CirHouse - Painting body Monorail Silver SW 7663 and trim Dover White SW 6385. Garage door Monorail Silver Approved - UnconditionalNone2020-10-08
1289 Lark AveHouse - Exterior Doors / Storm Doors Project test detail for now PendingNone2024-01-172024-01-20
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