High Point Metro District

Design Review Request Forms List

Street Address Project Type Project Details Project Status Use Restrictions Project Status Date Approval Expiration Date
10001 Altura St.House - Awnings 20ft x 11ft retractable awning over backyard deck; Approved - UnconditionalNone2014-08-22
10011 Altura St.House - Painting Body = Web Gray (SW6); Trim = Olympus White (SW6253) Accent = Softened Green (SW6177); Door and shutters = Quixotic Plum (SWxxxx)7075 Approved - UnconditionalNone2021-02-16
10011 Altura St.House - Shutters Board Batton style shutters - 3 spaced slats; Quixotic Plum (SW6265) Approved - UnconditionalNone2021-02-16
10021 Altura St.House - Painting Body = Intellectual Gray (SW7045); Trim = China Doll (SW7517); Accent1 = Utterly Beige (SW6080); Door&Shutters = Tricorn Black (SW 6258) Approved - UnconditionalNone2018-05-07
10046 Fraser St.Shed Tan Rubbermaid shed Approved - UnconditionalNone2020-08-02
10052 Altura St.Landscaping - Trees Three red maple trees in backyard; 9 feet from southern fence line Approved - UnconditionalNone2015-06-15
10052 Altura St.House - Deck 14ft x 14ft wood deck extension attached to southern side of existing deck Approved - UnconditionalNone2019-10-23
10052 Altura St.Hot Tub Hottub installed in the 14ft x 14ft deck extension in backyard Approved - UnconditionalNone2019-10-23
10061 Altura St.Sidewalks / Stairs 4ft-wide concrete sidewalk along south side of house from driveway to backyard patio Approved - UnconditionalNone2018-03-05
10062 Altura St.Landscaping - Backyard Design Changes Sod, rockbed along eastern fenceline, one tree in middle of backyard Approved - UnconditionalNone2015-05-02
10062 Altura St.Patio 12ft x 15ft paverstone patio on northeast corner of house Approved - UnconditionalNone2015-05-02
10071 Altura St.House - Deck 10ft deep x 20ft long along west wall 4in x 4in posts for rails around perimeter; TREX materials; stairs on west and south side of deck Approved - UnconditionalNone2014-05-03
10072 Altura St.Landscaping - Backyard Design Changes 24in rock border around backyard fencline; rockbeds along entire east side of house; sod covering the rest of the backyard Approved - UnconditionalNone2014-05-05
10136 Fraser St.Shed 6ft x 10ft x xxft tall; lean-to shed w vertical siding and shingled roof; southeast corner of the backyard Approved - UnconditionalNone2021-02-19
10156 Fraser St.House - Shutters Louvered shutters - all widows that have no perimeter trim Approved - UnconditionalNone2021-02-19
Street Address Project Type