Foxton Village District

Design Review Request Forms List

Street Address Project Type Project Details Project Status Use Restrictions Project Status Date Approval Expiration Date
10010 Carson WayHouse - Painting xxxxx Approved - UnconditionalNone2018-07-10
10010 Carson WayGarden Two 4ft x 8ft x 1.5ft tall garden boxes on south side of house; 6in x 6in wood beams Approved - UnconditionalNone2016-05-11
10034 Carson WayHouse - Painting Olive green body; maroon trim Approved - UnconditionalNone2020-03-11
10037 Carson WayHouse - Painting (Scheme 23) Body = Palisade (SW7635); Trim = High Reflective White (SW7757); Accent = Sea Serpent (SW7615) Approved - UnconditionalNone2019-09-10
10042 Carson WayHouse - Painting Body = Tempest Skies (HGSW3332); Trim = Fundamental White (HGSW4001) Approved - UnconditionalNone2017-05-09
10042 Carson WayDriveway 2ft concrete extension on south side of driveway Approved - UnconditionalNone2017-05-09
10045 Carson WayHouse - Painting Body = Koi Pond (SW7727); Trim = Cotton White (SW7104); Accent = Fairfax Brown (SW2856) Approved - UnconditionalNone2019-01-05
10069 Carson WayGazebo 10.5ft x 13ft x 11ft tall; 2-tier cloth top roof; steel gazebo Approved - UnconditionalNone2021-05-11
10090 Carson WayShed 8ft x 8ft x6ft tall shed; east side of house; 3ft from fence ; shingled roof; siding Approved - UnconditionalNone2015-08-05
10093 Carson WayShed 8ft x 12ft x 8ft tall; vertical siding; singled roof; NW corner of backyard Approved - UnconditionalNone2015-01-28
Street Address Project Type