Buffalo Run Mesa Metro District

Design Review Request Forms List

Street Address Project Type Project Details Project Status Use Restrictions Project Status Date Approval Expiration Date
10701 Idalia WayHouse - Painting Body Color = Magic Eye (CL2745D); Trim Color = Soya Beam (CLC1250M); Accent = Woody (CLC1287N) Approved - UnconditionalNone2011-04-04
10711 Idalia WayHouse - Painting Body Color = Beige; Trim Color = White Approved - UnconditionalNone2018-10-01
10721 Idalia WayHouse - Deck 12ft x 16ft deck; 6ft height ground to deck floor; Trex material tan/brown; 3ft tall white railing Approved - UnconditionalNone2007-09-18
10721 Idalia WayLandscaping - Backyard Design Changes Vegetable garden; breezeway pathway; Maple Autmn Blaze tree; Pear Chanticleer tree Approved - UnconditionalNone2007-09-18
15867 E. 107th WayLandscaping - Front Yard Design Changes Raised planterbed along garage wall; raised tree ring; paverstone walls; 2in to 4in cobblestone rockbeds; Vanderwol pine on west side of house Approved - UnconditionalNone2009-05-18
15867 E. 107th WayDriveway 2ft stamped concrete extension on east side of driveway to gate Approved - UnconditionalNone2009-05-18
15867 E. 107th WayHouse - Painting Body = Wildness Green 2213; Trim = Resort Tan 2040; Accent = Dark Brown Approved - UnconditionalNone2010-08-16
15877 E. 107th WayDriveway 4ft concrete extension on west side of driveway Approved - UnconditionalNone2019-05-02
16114 E. 105th Ave.OTHER PROJECTS Rectangle gray sun shade sail; sail secured to house and two 4in x 4in x 9ft tall posts secured to the deck Approved - UnconditionalNone2019-08-02
16114 E. 105th Ave.House - Painting (Scheme #3) Body = 1007 Beigewood; Trim = 964 White Sand; Accent = Ruby Dusk/Blue Note/Bittersweet Chocolate (Benjamin Moore Paints) Approved - UnconditionalNone2021-08-01
16124 E. 105th Ave.House - Painting (Scheme #17) Approved - UnconditionalNone2015-05-09
16134 E. 105th Ave.Patio 12ft x 33ft concrete patio adjacent to back of house Approved - UnconditionalNone2007-08-08
16144 E. 105th Ave.House - Painting (Scheme #12) Body = Carolina Gull; Trim = Fatigu Green; Accent = Saddle Brown & French Canvas Approved - UnconditionalNone2018-10-31
16154 E. 105th Ave.Sidewalks / Stairs Sidewalk on north side of house Approved - UnconditionalNone2013-05-06
16154 E. 105th Ave.Garden Garden on SW corner of backyard; flagstone 6in tall border Approved - UnconditionalNone2013-05-06
Street Address Project Type