Buffalo Highlands Metro District

Design Review Request Forms List

Street Address Project Type Project Details Project Status Use Restrictions Project Status Date Approval Expiration Date
17011 E 95th PlPatio Concrete patio along entire northern side of house; 12 foot wide Approved - UnconditionalNone2020-05-01
17011 E 95th PlSidewalks / Stairs 3ft wide concrete sidewalk on east side of house from patio to driveway Approved - UnconditionalNone2020-05-01
17011 E 95th PlLandscaping - Backyard Design Changes 6ft wide rock border around backyard perimeter fenceline; tree in the NW, NE and SE corners of the backyard; sod covering reat of the backyard Approved - UnconditionalNone2020-05-17
17101 E 95th PlHouse - Windows Basement egress window; east side of house; 47.5in x 47.5in sliding window; steel window well 50in wide 36in deep and 48in tall Approved - UnconditionalNone2021-09-24
17181 E 95th PlPatio 18in x 18in spaces pavers in NE corner of backyard; area is 13ft wide x 18 ft long Approved - UnconditionalNone2020-05-17
17181 E 95th PlPatio 16ft x 12ft concrete patio on east side of fenceline; 10ft x 14ft x xxft tall patio cover Approved - UnconditionalNone2020-05-17
17181 E 95th PlLandscaping - Backyard Design Changes 3/8inch granite chips east side of backyard and south of covered patio Approved - UnconditionalNone2020-05-17
9175 Quintero StHouse - Deck 7ft x 19ft redwood deck on west side of patio; 9ft tall redwood w in x 8in posts; 2in x 2in redwood slats Approved - UnconditionalNone2021-06-22
9215 Quintero StLandscaping - Yard Decorations Antique windmill in backyard Approved - UnconditionalNone2020-04-24
9215 Quintero StHouse - Windows Tint windows facing west Approved - UnconditionalNone2020-04-23
9225 Quintero StShed 10ft x 7ft x Xft tall; same color scheme as house Approved - UnconditionalNone2020-10-16
9266 Quintero StFence Stain entire backyard perimeter fence line and wing fences; clear stain SW3507 Riverwood Approved - UnconditionalNone2020-05-17
9266 Quintero StShed YardMate vinyl resin storage shed; 5ft x 8ft x 6.8ft tall; south side of house Approved - UnconditionalNone2020-05-17
9266 Quintero StPet Enclosures 12ft x 18ft concrete slab on south side of house behing 3rd car garage bay; 5ft x 10ft x 6ft tall steel caged kennel Approved - UnconditionalNone2020-05-17
9266 Quintero StHouse - Exterior Doors / Storm Doors Single door on south side of house/garage access Approved - UnconditionalNone2020-05-17
9334 Pitkin StGazebo 7.8ft x 12ft x 8ft tall enclosed gazebo attached to back of house; Approved - UnconditionalNone2020-11-03
9454 Pitkin StLandscaping - Backyard Design Changes 3ft river rock bed around backyard fence perimeter; Approved - UnconditionalNone2021-08-04
9454 Pitkin StPatio 33ft x 12ft concrete slab in backyard adjacent to house Approved - UnconditionalNone2021-08-04
9454 Pitkin StOTHER PROJECTS Firepit - 20ft diameter with riverrock around pit; south middle side of backyard Approved - UnconditionalNone2021-08-04
9454 Pitkin StPergola 10ft x 12ft x 8ft tall; 10ft x 12ft paverstone base Approved - UnconditionalNone2021-08-04
9502 Pagosa StLandscaping - Backyard Design Changes 10ft x 10ft sod area on the south side of the house Approved - UnconditionalNone2020-11-08
Street Address Project Type